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Welcome to Chase Scientific Company (est. 1987). Today we primarily do Research and Development in areas such as Advanced Computing, Robotics, Security, Automated Food Production, Instrumentation, and Office Automation. Selected technologies developed at Chase are then made available to our clients and/or subsidiaries for further development and product integration.

Some of our recent startups include WavePond®, our new high performance instrument division, MemesGate® which makes components for Security Networks and User Programmable electronics, and Renaissance Machines which makes advanced robotics systems for growing food and other maintenance tasks.

Picture of MemesGate Personal Terminal

This is the new Fanless "Personal Terminal" by MemesGate that replaces the traditional PC with 100% user serviceable components. It also comes with ChaseMinder software which allows the user to send secure messages using unbreakable encryption generated by the user, not some third party.

     The Personal Terminal includes an Uninterruptible Power Supply in addition to One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption. The OTP Encryption is the ONLY UNBREAKABLE encryption technique. This has been well known for more than 100 years and was first described in 1882 by Frank Miller and patented in 1919 by Gilbert Vernam.

     Even though the Personal Terminal uses just under 2 Watts it can easily run heavy duty programs such as the Chromium Browser and LibreOffice. And, should the power ever be interrupted the built-in UPS will automatically perform a controlled shutdown after a user designated time.

Recent Activities

MemesGate Ships Personal Terminal with Uninterruptable PS.

WavePond Releases DPG11, 2.5 GSPS, Digital Pattern Generator.

Renaissance Machines Adds Robotic Arms to Food Grow Chambers.

MemesGate Demos Personal Terminals for Private Messaging.

WavePond Develops 5 GSPS, 8-bit OEM Scope with 2.0 GHz BW.

WavePond Develops 250 MS/s, 14-bit OEM Digitizer w/ 550 MHz BW.

MemesGate Develops User Programmable Electronics (UPE).

Renaissance Machines begins development of Automated Grow Chambers.

MemesGate Upgrades Security Nodes with Single-Pad Encryption.

ChaseMinder Previews Universal Application for MemesGate Kiosk.

WavePond adds Software Power Switch to DAx WaveForm Generators.

WavePond Introduces Script API in plain English - no more mystery meat from buggy compilers.

MemesGate Develops next generation embedded computing platform.

WavePond Introduces USB Controlled 4.0 GSPS, 1-CH, 12-bit, Arbitrary WaveForm Generator.

WavePond Introduces USB Controlled 2.5 GSPS, 2-CH, 12-bit, Arbitrary WaveForm Generator.

MemesGate Develops Parallel Computing Core Using Common HDL / SW Language.

Chase Completes Transition to 100% Open Source Eng. Software.

WavePond Ships 3.0 GS/sec Arbitrary Sinewave Generator (PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

WavePond Ships 6.0 GHz Clock Generator (PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

5-01-2012: Chase Spins off WavePond for Low Cost USB, PCI, PCIe, LAN, and OpenSerdes Instruments.

01-17-2012: Chase Scientific Completes Transition to Advanced Research Projects.

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