MemesGate® Products          [  MemesGate is a division of Chase Scientific.  ]

MemesGate currently develops and manufactures Secure Universal Terminals, Security Nodes, Advanced door & window locks, and software to tie it all together (MemeMinder). The Security Nodes include sensors like Thermal Imaging, Sound, Temperature, Pressure, Cameras, Accelerometers, Humidity, Light, etc.

All communications between nodes, peripherals, and any MemesGate Universal Terminals (MUTs) are secured using OTP encryption generated by the user. All features can be controlled and/or programmed by the user using the MemeMinder Software in plain English. This allows the user to program anything connected to the network, e.g. Personal Grow Chambers, Cameras, Door/Window Locks, 3D Fabrication, Assembly/Maintenance Robots, etc.


MemesGate has also recently created UPE technology which completely replaces traditional Microprocessor and FPGA functionality. UPE stands for Universal Programmable Electronics and is controlled using MemesCode which combines sequencial, parallel, and HDL constructs.

However, this technology goes even further by providing independent real-time nanosecond timing control, self-spawning parallel processing on-demand, nonvolatile memories, and most importantly it does NOT require ANY COMPILER to use it.

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