MemesGate Consumer Products          [  MemesGate is a Brand of Chase Scientific.  ]

    MemesGate's consumer products division develops and manufactures Security Networking components including Controllers, Cameras, Environmental Sensors, Kiosks, Personal Terminals, and General Purpose Encrypted Communication tools. Once programmed these systems can be accessed through a simple touch screen, voice commands, or remote control. Automated monitoring can be done with MemesGate's own workstation technology or a conventional PC.

    MemesGate also develops and manufactures User Programmable Electronics (UPE). UPE's MemesCode language enables the user to write Script Code, Sequential Code, Parallel Code, and even Hardware Description Code. MemesCode requires no Operating System or Compiler. The hardware translates text files directly to the action requested using a massive parallel translation FPGA. No more binary file mystery meat.

    All MemesGate products have built-in One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption generation and handling. The One Time Pad is the ONLY unbreakable encryption technique. This has been well known for more than 100 years. It was first described in 1882 by Frank Miller and patented in 1919 by Gilbert Vernam for the XOR operation.

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