Renaissance Machines      [   Renaissance Machines is a division of Chase Scientific  ]

Renaissance Machines currently develops and manufactures Advanced Robotics Systems for Automated Grow Chambers and general maintenance tasks. Consumer components should be available starting some time in 2019.

(1) Automated Grow Chambers (for food).
(2) Maintenance and Assembly Robotics.

(1)   The Grow Chambers come in different sizes and are completely automated. They can grow almost any plant or tree from seed to fruit without any human intervention. Pollination, if needed, is done artificially. The concept of centralizing food production has finally been rendered obsolete. One person can grow enough food in their garage for a family of 4 all year round including vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Once set up, the system is completely automated. Interfacing can be as simple as voice command or as detailed as writing MemesCode.

(2)   Maintenance machines cover activities such as gardening, roof/gutter cleaning, tree trimming, etc. while our Assembly robotics can assembly anything smaller than a bread box, e.g. circuit boards and packaging for shipping.

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